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Five & Dime Launches Next Week!

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Design gurus Designist have teamed up with event coordinators/curators Humble Serpent to bring you Five&Dime, a temporary shop that solves dreaded Christmas shopping conundrums with cool, culturally tuned-in and affordable music, books, t-shirts, posters, calendars and home/lifestyle accessories.

Dublin needs an independent, one-stop-shop to take the stress out of the festive season with great stocking fillers and unusual gift ideas at affordable prices. We are centrally located and offer a laid back, enjoyable shopping environment. We also offer a space for shoppers to escape the Christmas hustle for a half hour in our intimate arts/events room

Five&Dime is not your normal shop. It is a refuge, a solution, a pit-stop. It is culturally tuned-in, gift savvy and one hundred percent independent/Irish-owned. It will also cure the Christmas fear. That feeling when you don’t know what to get her/him/them or where to get it. It will relieve the dreadful anticipation of battling down Grafton Street in the rain, being elbowed in the ribs and feeling overwhelmed. Or the frenzy of a soul-zapping shopping mall where you just can’t wait for the day to be over. We want you to drop into Five&Dime, pick up some fantastic gifts with the assurance they’re bang-on, and then get back to your friends and family to enjoy the important things about Christmas. Not to spend all day in a whirlwind of confusion, stress or consumer anxiety. Life’s too short, let us help.

Our staff delivers expert knowledge with a friendly and approachable service.

It’s all goods!