Great stock in the shop this week

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The Launch Party – November 5th 2013

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A huge thanks to everyone who came to our official launch party yesterday evening. We drank beer, chatted, laughed, made a wee speech, ate cream cakes, listened to lovely live music from Inni-K and got our pics taken by the fantastic Barbara Flynn

5L8A2007 Five & Dime Launch at 62, Dame Street - It's all goods: Emma Fox and Jess Sears 5L8A2048 5L8A2055 5L8A2169


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Welcome to Five&Dime!

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F&D Exteriors (11)IMG_3849 IMG_3861 IMG_3864 IMG_3866 IMG_3868 IMG_3873 IMG_3883 IMG_3880

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We are open and the shelves are packed with gifts, music, books and other cool stuff…we have CDs and vinyl, DVDs, posters, notepads, t-shirts, fun gift items (something for everyone)…

Drop in to say hi. Thanks for all your support!

Here We Go – Countdown Starts

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Us with sign

More paint, more signage, more sweeping, quick!

We are almost ready to open the doors.

News will hit the streets today…